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Google Can Revolutionize Your Business?


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If you have a business website, you are probably racking your brain about ways to generate traffic and increase your online sales. You know that you need to make efforts to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Still, all of the seemingly fancy improvements you have made have had little effect. This has caused you to take an advanced look into Google Analytics.

Google Analytics can help revolutionize your business by giving real data on consumer and competitor behavior. It provides advanced statistics that can give you actionable data to adequately adjust your future marketing campaigns and revise and innovate your product offerings.

The Benchmarks Tab Shows How You Stack Up

Having a firm grasp of your competition is critical in understanding what course your business should take. After all, the only way you will be able to grow your client base is by making your service better than everybody else.

The benchmarks tab in Google Analytics will give you an idea of how your site performs. Compared to similar sites in the same category, letting you see where you rank in terms of visits and clicks. 

While it may not accurately categorize all of your competition and overlooks those sites that are not using Google Analytics, it can give you a rough estimate of where your website stands relative to the competition. 

Google Analytics also gives you a good idea of how engaged your customers are with your site compared to those of your competitors, providing information about average visit time. 

If you find out that your customers are not as actively engaged as you would like, consider adding some updated content and interactive links to hold their attention longer and increase the likelihood of making a purchase.

It Can Help You Pin Down Geographic Data 

One of the significant advantages of doing business online is that the entire globe is your marketplace. Therefore, just because your business is U.S.-based does not mean that most of your customers are from the United States.

On the sidebar in Google Analytics, click on the “Audience” tab. From there, click on “Geo” and then “Location.” This will give you an idea as to the location of your visitors. 

If you find that most of your audience is from an area that differs from your locale, then you can do your research and tailor your marketing to meet the needs of the geographic region most frequently visiting your site.

You Can Gather Information on Who Is Actually Buying

While it is nice to have people poking around your site, the ultimate goal is to turn that traffic into purchases. Therefore, in addition to data to average visit time, Google Analytics offers insight into who is purchasing your products. This is typically accomplished through cookies or data indicating referrals from other sites.

This is particularly important information for online businesses that are looking to get repeat purchases. Websites offering one-time services will need new visitors to generate revenues. Customers are likely to buy again once trying a product for the first time and liking it. As such, the data as to which customers are buying becomes all the more valuable.

It Gives Insight on Compatibility

With so much technology out there, customers could be using any combination of computers, mobile devices, and web browsers to access your site. While compatibility issues are usually a common cause of online performance issues, there is a chance that most customers are not thinking of this, causing them to give your site up as out-of-service.

Google Analytics will give information on which web browsers your site is compatible with and display information for the different types of device screens. As most Internet users prefer Google Chrome and access the Internet from their smartphones, it is essential that your site functions well and gives a high-resolution display for this combination.

You Can Form Decisions on How to Price Your Product

Having a bunch of customers is great, but if you are generating minuscule profits from your sales, it will take your business forever to thrive. On the other hand, a highly profitable offering will do little for your business if there is no one to buy it.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can use the features mentioned above and a vast selection of other data to come up with smart pricing options. This will help you predict the right intersection of capturing maximum sales while optimizing the amount of profit that each sale generates.

It Lets You See Who is Referring Traffic to Your Site

This is an important insight because there is very little chance that somebody just heard of your site and typed the URL into their browser. All website traffic is generated from a search engine or a click from another site. When you see where that traffic is coming from, you can take steps to optimize this association.

If you notice that most of your visitors are showing up from search engines, you can look at data on which keywords are responsible for getting your site to show up. If the traffic comes from clicks generated from links on other websites, check those sites out and see how your site is related, with some advertisement or content marketing efforts possible ways of making this association stronger.

You Can Improve Your SEO

Based on the section above, it is possible to look at Google Analytics and see which keywords are responsible for driving traffic to your site. However, even if these keywords help you obtain visitors, they may be still not doing as well as they could.

Google Analytics will give you information as to where you rank on Google for a particular area. Suppose one of your high-traffic keywords is not on the first page of a Google search. In that case, you can often perform a few simple steps, such as adding an image, reiterating the keyword, or taking out a Google ad, that will further improve the traffic of that keyword by moving its rank up.

It Can Help You Understand Why People Are Leaving Your Site

By giving information on which pages of your site visitors most commonly leave, Google Analytics can help you better understand how to keep people engaged on your site and hopefully take action.

If you notice that a high percentage of visitors leave from a particular page or section, do some renovations to try and make the page more compelling, perhaps including some interactive multimedia or links that can get them to head to the purchase page or any other page that is proven to be more engaging.


As the business world rapidly moves to e-commerce as the primary source of sales, having a thriving website is the primary way for businesses to succeed. Rather than taking shots in the dark about what consumers want in a business website, you should turn to the essential data generated through Google Analytics to see firsthand how your site is performing.

Through a wide array of information that includes competitor data, geographic location of your website visitors, and tools for accurately setting a price point, Google Analytics takes much of the guesswork out of building your site and allows you to create content, marketing campaigns, and product offerings to satisfy the needs of your specific clientele. 

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